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  • Creative concept

    Helps define the very core of your marketing message. It underpins your campaign content, and encapsulates the major themes to be communicated to your target audience.

  • interface design

    Design focuses on anticipating what users might need and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions.

  • user friendly

    Refers to anything that makes it easier for novices to use a computer and more user-friendly than command-driven systems. Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are also considered user-friendly.

  • business solution

    A Consulting Services is a combination of ideas used to help a company accomplish its goals.


About Communicato

Zeus Communicato is the product for sending mails. The application supports both mails and SMS. The product has a special feature for notifying the customers who have read the mails. The application will help us to send bulk SMS and Mails so that we could reach multiple clients at a single click.

The application can able to send HTML templates as mails. Which can be dynamically designed. The Client grouping is also possible in the application. It is purely cloud based application.


The most user friendly communication product


Service we offer

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  • Client Management

    The clients can be added and managed effectively in this application.

  • Client Contact Grouping

    The client can be grouped into different contact groups like what we do in social networking .The Family, Friend, Business Categories will be defined separately.

  • Bulk SMS

    The Bulk SMS feature will have options to send SMS to all the client at single click. We can even reach 1000 clients at a time.

  • Bulk Mail

    The Bulk Mail will help the user to send mails to all the clients in the application. The special feature in the mailing option is that the user can find out who all have read the emails.

  • Template Creation

    The mails can be sent as mail chimps using different templates.

  • Reports

    We can generate client reports, bulk SMS /mail reports



Pricing table

  • Basic


    2,000 Subscriber

    12,000 mail/m


    Email Support

    500 SMS Free

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  • Standard


    5,000 Subscriber

    25,000 mail/m


    Email/Phone Support

    1,000 SMS Free

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  • Advance


    10,000 Subscriber

    75,000 mail/m


    Email/Phone Support

    5,000 SMS Free

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  • Enterprise

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    Email/Phone/Remote Support

    1,00,000 SMS Free

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